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October Films is the big winner at the 2016 British Independent Film Festival

Nominated in 12 categories October Films takes home four prestigious awards at #BiFF2016

October Films was the big winner at 2016’s British Independent Film Festival – held to honour the best independent films produced in the UK each year - taking home four prestigious awards. October’s three films at the festival –The Chameleon, Angel of Decay and The Head Hunter - were nominated in a total of 12 categories.

The Chameleon won in the best feature film and best cinematography categories, while Sarah-Jane Potts – currently on stage in the acclaimed New York production of A Streetcar Named Desire - took home Best Actress for her role as Sara in the film. Ryan Gage, who has previously starred in The Hobbit and The Musketeers, won the Best Actor award for his role as Ted Bundy in Angel of Decay

The Chameleon is a twisted true story of reinvention, revelation and passion set in the early 1980s, as fear grips a small American town when a cunning, manipulative sociopath emerges from the shadows. Targeting young females with his irresistible charm, ‘The Chameleon’ carefully covers his tracks by masking his identity with multiple disguises, while the authorities race against the clock to save a survivor who has been his captive for 12 days.

Angel of Decay is set in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s, where a string of victims with similar profiles -young, beautiful women- begin to pop up, and two local police investigators make it their mission to track down the killer before he claims his next innocent victim.

Steve Murphy, who produced both films said: “Thanks to the organisers of the British Independent Film Festival 2016 for a great weekend. We are so pleased with all of our nominations and awards! Angel of Decay, The Chameleon and The Head Hunter cast and crew were all very proud to take part.”

October Films Creative Director Matt Robins, together with Steve Murphy and Lindsay Shapero executive produced all three films, which are being distributed internationally by eOne