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Eight Days That Made Rome comes to Channel 5

Eight Days That Made Rome, an 8-part docu-drama series which highlights the critical days that shaped the ancient world's most powerful empire, begins on Channel 5 on Friday 27th October at 9pm.  

Award-winning historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes explores eight key days that she believes define the Roman Empire and help us to understand its remarkable success. 

In each episode Hughes travels across the Roman world, delving into the psyche and uncovering brand new archaeological evidence, while lavish drama brings the incredible story of Rome to life. 

“Good research, privileged access and clever dramatic reconstructions. Recommended” – The Observer (The New Review)

“Reading Livy aloud on hillsides and striding moodily across ruined skylines, Bettany Hughes knows how to bring drama to this overview of ancient Rome — even before the actual dramatic reconstructions and sword-fights arrive on screen. The historian’s aim with this series is admirably simple: tell the story of Rome and its empire through eight pivotal days that changed the course of its history” – The Sunday Times (Culture)

“A lively and learned new series” – The Daily Telegraph (Review)

“This absorbing new series employs the tried-and-tested formula of combining dramatic reconstructions with expert testimony from leading historians to tell the story of the world’s first superpower. It’s presented in engaging fashion by award-winning author Bettany Hughes” – Daily Mail (Weekend)

The 8 x 60’ series will air on Channel 5 weekly at 9pm from Friday 27th October 2017.