World War II From Space

An Emmy Award-winning show telling the epic story of America’s engagement in the Second World War from the spectacular new vantage point of space

World War II From Space

This two hour special tells the epic story of America’s war from a bold new vantage point, giving fresh insights into the deadliest conflict ever fought and America's pivotal role in the Allied Victory.

Using a variety of novel VFX techniques, World War II from Space presents iconic moments from the war including Pearl Harbour, D-Day and Hiroshima in ways they have never been seen before. In doing so, it brings all the visual conventions and imagery of modern war-reporting to WWII.

It’s not just visually stunning, but gives viewers a new interpretation of the war; placing key events in their widest context, taking a global view to show the importance of simultaneity and re-creating ground-breaking moments that were never captured on camera.

The show first aired on 7th December 2012, Pearl Harbor Day, on the HISTORY Channel.

Production Detail

Broadcaster: History Channel

Year: 2016

Length: 1 x 120 minutes