From Russia to Iran: Crossing the Wild Frontier


Walking the Americas explorer Levison Wood's new challenge: an epic 2600-mile journey from Russia to Iran, taking him through the vast hidden world of the Caucusus mountains and its unique peoples.


Annie: Out of the Ashes


Annie has grown up believing that her severe facial scarring is the result of mother trying to kill her by setting fire to the caravan in which Annie was sleeping. 30 years later, having been adopted, Annie wants to investigate her past.

The Big Spring Clean


Phil Spencer is setting out to address Britain’s burgeoning clutter crisis


Walking the Himalayas


Explorer Levison Wood sets out to walk the length of the world's highest mountain range, from Afghanistan to Bhutan

Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar


A dive team bring sup treasure from the 'Firery Dragon', a ship owned by noble Captain Kidd turned pirate. They find artifacts that connect the treasure to the Portuguese Templars.