London Zoo An Extraordinary Year

ITV has been given exclusive access inside ZSL London Zoo and its sister zoo Whipsnade during lockdown, as its staff and keepers care for more than 500 species - from giraffes and tigers, to monkeys and meerkats. 


London Zoo An Extraordinary Year

It's business as not quite normal at the world famous and historic London Zoo. The world may have gone into lockdown but the skeleton staff of zookeepers can't stay at home when there are over 20,000 hungry mouths to feed. And the pandemic has brought some unprecedented challenges for the zoo's animal residents and their keepers:


Gemma and Meg must find a way to ensure that the pregnancy care for Oni the Okapi, an important member of this endangered species, isn't blown off track by the unavailability of staff. Alex is struggling to come to terms with the fact that Dominic and his sea lion family - who she's been looking after for 16 years - are due to move to another zoo. Despite the pandemic, she's got to be sure they're ready to leave.

With team leader Dave on furlough, it’s up to Jamie continuing the zoo's arachnid breeding programme as he introduces a couple of venomous Huntsman spiders to each other. It's a fraught business that could end up in lovemaking or cannibalism. And, after hearing from abroad that one of the big cats in a New York zoo has caught Coronavirus, the London team is alarmed to discover that Indi, one of their lions is sick. The race is on to discover what's wrong with her.

Production Detail


Broadcaster: ITV

Year: 2020

Duration: 2 x 60 minutes